The campsite has had the “Clef Verte” green certification since 2006.

As a member of the “Quality campsite” charter and holding “Clef Verte” certification, we are always mindful of the quality of your stay and the environment.

Quality is expressed via 5 criteria:

A warm welcome, to contribute to ensuring you have a pleasant, convivial stay.

Irreproachable cleanliness all over the camp site.

Precise and correct information. We commit to supplying you with complete and detailed information on our facility, services, activities and tariffs.

We work to ensure that your private pitch is neat and to ensure that you have as much peace and quiet as possible on the site.

We are commitment to respecting the environment and ensuring it is valued.

We give priority to saving energy and landscaping the grounds.

We welcome our guests to southern Ardèche to a special place, we place huge importance on the environment.

Each year, we try to do better with our guests too, and nature will thank us for it!

Here are some examples of our environmental initiatives:

The water in our bathrooms is solar heated.

The water in the swimming pool is heated by heat pump.

We move around the campsite in electric cars.

Each year we plant many local bushes and trees.

We organise recycling (paper, glass, packaging, batteries, used oil).

The bathroom taps have thermostatic valves.

We remind our guests with notices to avoid wasting water and electricity.

A buried tank catches rainwater from the roofs of the bar and reception, to be used for watering in the summer months.

After pruning and trimming our plants and trees we use a branch shredder. The resulting crushed wood is used for mulching and compost.